The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas

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There once was an owl who lived in an empty old barn. He was a grumpy Owl. But when a man, woman and their donkey burst into his barn, making a lot of noise, the owl decides to fly further and further away to somewhere quiet where he can be grumpy. Can he find a lonely place? Or will he get back to his barn in time for a big, not-at-all grumpy surprise?

This fantastic new book includes the nativity story alongside the story of a very Grumpy Owl who sets off on a mission to find some peace and quiet when his barn is filled with noise as a young couple and a donkey descend on his peaceful home.

Created in partnership with the Artless Theatre Company, The Grumpy Owl and the Joy of Christmas is a brilliant storybook that makes the truth of Christmas accessible to children, young people, and families who may never have heard the story of the nativity before.

Not only does this book make a great giveaway at your Christmas events it has also been made into a play, providing the perfect event opportunity for churches and youth groups alike. It's as easy as watching the play, providing refreshments and space to read the story together.


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