Shining Your Light at Halloween video

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Shining your Light

Esther is a Content Innovator for Scripture Union, with a deep passion for equipping and empowering young people to reach their world with the good news of Jesus. Esther did not come from a church background and has personally seen the impact of peers on faith formation. She has ten years’ experience of equipping young people for evangelism with their peers. In this video, she shares some of that experience as well as tips for young people who want to share their faith with their peers at Halloween.

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This video is perfect for use with the free Shine Your Light resource.


  • 11-14 yrs,
  • 14-18 yrs,
  • Student
  • Halloween
  • English
  • Content type:
  • Resource (free)
  • Format:
    • Video

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    Shine Your Light
    Shine Your Light explores the importance of the peer-to-peer approach – young people reaching their peers with the good news of Jesus – and provides you, as a youth leader or Faith Guide, with some practical ways in which you can explore this approach with young people, independently or in a group, including some things for them to take away.

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