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Prayers for June – August 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning 2nd June

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Sunday 2 
Praise God for the gifts he has given to Craig and Hannah and the thousands of others who volunteer with Scripture Union. 

Monday 3 
Give thanks that our volunteers give up their time so willingly so that children and young people can come to know Jesus for themselves. 

Tuesday 4 
Please pray that God will bless all who volunteer their time in his service and help them to grow in their faith. 

Wednesday 5 
Thank God for providing enough volunteers to make so many of SU’s activities possible. 

Thursday 6 
‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’ (Luke 10:2). Pray that God will raise up more volunteers to help more children and young people to know God personally. 

Friday 7
Please pray for the SU staff whose role involves managing, training and coordinating volunteers, that they will be able to help them use their gifts and time effectively for God’s glory. 

Saturday 8 
If you don’t yet volunteer with Scripture Union, ask God to show you whether this is something you could consider doing.

Week beginning 9th June

Sunday 9 
Scripture Union Korea has a special theological conference on Friday and Saturday with Chris Wright speaking on The Relevance of the Old Testament for our Social Context Today. Pray that many staff and Korean church leaders will be inspired. 

Monday 10 
This week, central region development worker Bob Goody will be in coffee shops across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Church leaders, volunteers and others are invited to come and explore resources, receive advice and training, and dream dreams together. Pray for fruitful meetings. 

Tuesday 11 
Over the next month, Dan Wicks (development worker in the South East) will be involved in Sticks for Stumps cricket activities in Pimlico, Kings Cross, Havering and West Molesey. Pray that through the medium of cricket, many children and young people will engage with the good news of Jesus. 

Wednesday 12 
Local mission partner COINS (Christian Outreach in Newbury Schools) asks us to pray for new team leader, Joni McAuliffe, who started this month. Joni will be leading a team of four part-time workers and a number of volunteers working with at least 20 primary schools and four secondary schools. 

Thursday 13 
Pray that as children attend the prayer space run by local mission partner YOYO (York Schools and Youth Trust) in St Mary’s Primary tomorrow they will understand more of how they can meet with God. Pray also for another prayer space in All Saints Secondary on 9 July. 

Friday 14 
During June and July many thousands of year 6 children will receive a copy of the completely revised It’s Your Move. Thank God for all those who have been helped in the past and pray that again this year many will discover God’s help as they enter secondary school. 

Saturday 15 
Pray for the events team at SU’s National Office as they start work on a new guest booking system for SU’s holidays. Pray that everything will go smoothly and that many will book.

Week beginning 16th June

Sunday 16 
SU Singapore has a youth ministry Bible tour in Greece this month. Pray that the Bible will come to life in new ways for the young people on the trip and that as they develop a better understanding they will grow in relationship with Jesus. 

Monday 17 
Local mission partner Christians for Education (working on the North Wales coast) asks us to join them in praying for children and young people who are facing very complicated family relationships. Pray that they will discover hope and security in Jesus. 

Tuesday 18 
This month Neil Jackson, development worker in the North East and Yorkshire, plans to work with churches in Middlesbrough, to use The Games in the context of the Cricket World Cup in local schools. Pray that this will create many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus. 

Wednesday 19 
Please pray for development worker Lisa Jones as she works with St Andrew’s Paddock Wood to run a Sticks for Stumps activity for children and families during the Cricket World Cup. There is real excitement in the week beginning  

Thursday 20 
Pray that many of the young people that local mission partner Sevenoaks Area Youth Trust are working with will attend the SOLID festival with them in July. Pray that the festival will encourage these young people in their faith journey. 

Friday 21 
Give thanks that after a period of difficulties for our IT systems, things have become more stable. Ask God to help SU’s IT support partner and Technical Services Manager Ian Gooding as they work to keep systems reliable and secure. 

Saturday 22 
Next week SU staff, local mission partner The Mustard Tree Trust, Barnabas in Schools and representatives from local churches will be running Lifepath Brinkburn. Pray that as over 600 children explore the life of St Aidan they will be challenged to think about the spiritual aspects of their own path through life.

Week beginning 23rd June

Sunday 23 
Scripture Union in German-speaking Switzerland are still looking for several camp leaders and kitchen helpers for the 2019 camp season. Please pray that God will provide volunteers for all their camps. 

Monday 24 
Lifepath Malmesbury runs this week with 200 children expected each day as schools bring whole classes to explore the lives of the monks at the Abbey. Pray that they may be encouraged to reflect on how God might have a part to play in their own lives. 

Tuesday 25 
Thank you for prayers over the last nine years for the annual prayer space at a school in Folkestone run by volunteer and former staff member Marjorie Francis. Over 400 children explored stories of Jesus this year; pray that they will continue to make space for God in their lives. 

Wednesday 26 
Local mission partner SU Ministries Trust on the Isle of Man starts a Lifepath today; around 700 year 5 students will look at the lives of the monks at Rushen Abbey. Pray that the team, mostly volunteers, will communicate the love of Jesus. 

Thursday 27 
As we look to grow our relationships with churches across the country, please pray that we would be able to support them in their outreach to children and young people as well as connecting with churches which can support our work with prayer and giving. 

Friday 28 
SPREE South West runs this weekend with over a thousand young people expected. The south west regional team will be leading the sports venue using sports to introduce young people to Jesus. Please pray that many will respond to the good news. 

Saturday 29 
Give thanks for the many churches that faithfully support our work. Pray for south west team leader Margaret Lilley as she shares in a day at St Georges Church, Beckington, Somerset when they meet up with mission partners. She will talk about reaching ‘the 95’ in partnership with local churches.

Week beginning 30th June

Sunday 30 
Last Christmas Scripture Union Ghana visited deprived rural communities to organise camps for children, which included feeding and clothing them. Praise God for his provision that made this possible and pray these children will be drawn closer to God. 

Monday 1 
Give thanks for a successful transition to new IT provision for our staff. Pray for them as they discover more about the capabilities of new software and the best ways of using it to ensure better collaboration and that everyone is well informed. 

Tuesday 2 
Today the Frontline team from the south west leaves for South Africa. They will be running weekend missions on the streets with churches in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Pray for good conversations and for strength and safety for the SU volunteers from South Africa and the team from the UK. 

Wednesday 3 
Please pray for the launch of a Youth Hub in Sittingbourne aiming to reach young people in the area through schools and supported by development worker, Lisa Jones. They are exploring a pop-up sports event for young people during the summer holidays. 

Thursday 4 
Thank God for the way in which Diary of a Disciple has captured the imagination of many children, introducing them to the Bible both through the book and through school-based clubs. Pray for Simon Barker as he leads a Diary of a Disciple workshop at Oakley school in Bedford today. 

Friday 5 
Local mission partner Fleet and Crookham Churches Together in Schools gives thanks for the success of two new projects – Outdoor Club and Bake through the Bible. Please pray for Bake through the Bible as they recruit and train up other bakers and storytellers. 

Saturday 6 
Give thanks for the Creative Collective programme led by Gemma Willis that pulls together creative volunteers from across the movement to investigate imaginative new ways of communicating the good news to today’s generation. Ask God to inspire them with his creativity.

Week beginning 7th July

Sunday 7 
In Trinidad and Tobago Scripture Union thanks God for the increasing requests they have for resources. Pray for the finances to enable them to employ a full-time staff team: director, administrator and children’s coordinator. 

Monday 8 
This weekend up to a thousand children and young people from around Essex and East London will attend SOLID Festival in Upminster, and will hear the gospel in a fun-packed environment. Pray that the children and young people will encounter Jesus afresh. 

Tuesday 9 
Local mission partner Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust gives thanks for the opportunity to provide Year 9 sex and relationship lessons from a Christian perspective. The trust asks us to pray for staff and associate workers providing chaplaincy and mentoring support across the schools in Brentwood. 

Wednesday 10 
Pray for wisdom and creativity for SU development worker Bob Goody as he writes and rehearses a primary schools show, Jesus and Friends, ahead of a primary and secondary schools mission in October covering Mansfield and Ashfield. 

Thursday 11 
Give thanks for the SU Board and pray for them as they meet today. Pray particularly for Richard Godden as he settles in as Chair, and for new trustees to join the Board. 

Friday 12 
Today we give thanks for Wayne Dixon. Wayne has been involved in local schools ministry for 30 years, initially as SU staff and now with local mission partner Christian Connections in Schools. Give thanks for God’s faithfulness which will be celebrated at an event to mark the occasion this evening. 

Saturday 13 
X:site Keighley takes place today. Please pray for Moz and the team as they seek to keep the event fresh, exciting and relevant with a clear gospel emphasis. Pray that children who were attracted to the event through the Easter mission week will continue to engage with the bi-monthly event.

Week beginning 14th July

This week's prayers relate to this story.

Sunday 14 
As the schools break up, please pray that God will prepare the hearts of all children and young people coming on SU holidays, missions and holiday clubs over the summer to receive the good news of Jesus. 

Monday 15 
Give thanks to God for Toby and other children and young people who decided to follow Jesus last summer. Pray that he will provide them with encouragement and guidance in their new-found faith so that it grows and matures. 

Tuesday 16 
Please pray for children and young people who came on summer holidays, missions and holiday clubs last summer, but have not yet made a commitment to follow Jesus. Ask God to water the seeds he has planted so that they may grow. 

Wednesday 17 
Please pray for all the volunteers involved in setting up and running holidays, missions and holiday clubs, that God will enable them to be bold in sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people, whether through word or deed. 

Thursday 18 
It may be 2,000 years old, but the story of the prodigal son brought five children on Go Wild! to faith. Give thanks that ‘the Word of our God endures forever’! 

Friday 19 
As more and more children and young people who aren’t part of a church attend holidays and missions, ask God to give us great wisdom in how best to help them continue on their spiritual journey. 

Saturday 20 
Give thanks to God for everyone who gives financially to Scripture Union – they enable our holidays and missions to take place and provide a bursary so children can attend when their families could otherwise not afford the cost.

Week beginning 21st July

Sunday 21 
This year, SU in Gabon wants to establish a work in two new regions: Ngounié and Ogooué-Maritime. Pray that God will open the way and enable this to happen. 

Monday 22 
Pray for the new Beach Life event in Millom which starts today and for other new events, Barrow (29–30 July) and Crosby (5–7 August,  asking that children and families have fun and hear more about Jesus. Pray too for repeats of previous events: Cleveleys (25–27 July), Blackpool Beach (8–10 August), Fleetwood (26–28 August) and Blackpool Square (29–31 August). 

Tuesday 23 
Local mission partner Contagious in Alnwick is developing a new follow on to It’s Your Move to use with Year 7s at the high school in the autumn term. Please pray that they will come up with something that will help young people in the next step of this significant change. 

Wednesday 24 
Pray for those leading holidays for the first time this year: Hannah Bishop (Step Out), Jane Bryant (Action Replay), Jenny Paterson (Harriers), Anna Docherty and Nick Morley (The Maze), Anneka James and Richie Fromow (The Track) and Elisabeth Crutchley (Transformers). 

Thursday 25 
The SU Holiday Fund enables children from families facing financial difficulties to attend an SU holiday. Give thanks for all those who have contributed to the fund and pray that the children who are benefiting from it will have an amazing time and learn more about God. 

Friday 26 
Local mission partner PSALMS works around Painswick and Stroud. Its Friday tennis evenings have connected with a large number of new young people. Pray that the sport will complement the message of Jesus they share weekly and that more young people outside of Painswick would connect with it. 

Saturday 27
Local mission partner Thrive (Warwick and Leamington Spa) has created a resource to help local churches run holiday clubs; it will be piloted over the summer holidays. Pray that it will help churches to be more fruitful in reaching out to children in their communities.

Week beginning 28th July

Sunday 28 
Pray for the protection of SU staff, volunteers and board members in restricted countries as they explore how best to serve children and young people and share the good news of Jesus under difficult circumstances. 

Monday 29 
Alisha Mitchison is on placement with the north east and Yorkshire team while studying at Cliff College. With part-time sports consultant Mark Oliver she is developing Sporty Legs, a new after-school club focused on reaching ‘the 95’ through sport. Pray that it will continue to grow. 

Tuesday 30 
Local mission partner Mission Initiative in Newcastle East is trying to reach a group of young people on the estate who are a particular concern to police and community groups. Pray that their idea to run a DJ school will engage these young people. 

Wednesday 31 
Today and tomorrow, Helen Franklin (development worker in Wales) will be working with a church in Borth near Aberystwyth to run children’s activities as part of the local carnival. Pray that this will reach many of the 95% of children who don’t go to church.

Thursday 1 
The gifts team are responsible for the processing of the donations made by our generous supporters. Please pray for Tracey Bell and Michelle Johnson and for others in the finance and gifts team as they continue to carry out this work faithfully. 

Friday 2 
Give thanks for the partnership we have with Creation Fest which starts tomorrow at the Royal Cornwall Showground. In the past many young people have come to faith during the week. Pray for Chris Eales as he coordinates the daily mission teams visiting different towns and beaches. 

Saturday 3 
[email protected] Survivor starts today and runs until Thursday enabling young people to benefit from Soul Survivor in a Scripture Union environment. Pray that the young people will meet with God, learn from his Word and be equipped to share the good news of Jesus with their friends.

Week beginning 4th August

Sunday 4 
Please pray that SU in Pakistan will be able to realise their vision of reaching 100,000 unreached children and ask God to provide a group of around 100 volunteers to help in this task. 

Monday 5 
For the next five days, development worker Neil Jackson will be working with local Christians from several churches to run afternoon activities for families which will complement a holiday club run by Guisborough Bridge Association, a Churches Together initiative. Pray that whole families will encounter Jesus. 

Tuesday 6 
Unlimited is a new holiday for young adults with additional needs which starts today and runs for the rest of the week. Pray for leaders Helen and John Vinter and the team that they may be able to communicate the love of Jesus in appropriate ways. 

Wednesday 7 
As the summer activities get into full swing, give thanks for the many volunteers who will be involved in various ways. Pray that teams will gel, demonstrate good relationships and work harmoniously. 

Thursday 8 
Pray for members of the SU staff team as they take the opportunity to visit holidays and missions to bring encouragement and seek insight into the operation of the movement. 

Friday 9 
Give thanks for the tireless work of the Development Hub, led by Matty Hawthorne, in capturing and amplifying grassroots ideas from across the movement. Pray that they will develop creative new missional models and content to enable a new generation to explore the Bible and respond to Jesus. 

Saturday 10 
Give thanks for Guardiões da Âncora (Guardians of Ancora in Portuguese, for Brazil). Davi Kruklis, from SU Global says, ‘The translation was headed by a God-given 16- year-old girl... The recording was done by an audio engineer with full-time assistance of a phono audiologist… We are thrilled … that the Brazilian children will soon be learning more about the Bible whilst they enjoy playing the game.’

Week beginning 11th August

Sunday 11 
Scripture Union Côte d’Ivoire gives thanks to God for their 2019 Bible promotion. Pray for the development of the work across the regions and the country as a whole. 

Monday 12 
Gab in the Park is a week-long pop-up mission in partnership with St Gabriel’s Church and local supporters in Weoley Castle, Birmingham providing a range of activities in the park designed to build relationships with the community from surrounding estates. Pray for a good response as Jesus is shared. 

Tuesday 13 
This week there will be a mission in Barry, South Wales – potentially two days in local parks and three days on the beach. This will be led by Helen Franklin and a local volunteer working with Open Air Campaigners. Pray for wide involvement of local Christians and for a good response. 

Wednesday 14 
Centre Stage is a new performing arts holiday for 11- to 14-year-olds running this week and led by Em Rogerson and Rachel Vallance. Pray that the holiday will establish an identity and that those who come will discover both new creativity and the love of Jesus. 

Thursday 15 
Local mission partner Faith in Schools working in Newham is thankful for the generous provision from churches and supporters who have donated to their 150 fundraising campaign and ask us to pray that more churches will come on board. Pray too for the new anti-knife crime project being run in partnership with others. 

Friday 16 
Please pray for the children who will come across Guardians of Ancora over the next few months at local events, in holiday clubs, on holidays and missions or by finding the game in app stores. Pray that this will be an opportunity for them to discover Jesus.

Saturday 17
With the increased emphasis on reaching ‘the 95’ through missions and residential activities, pray for clear strategies for each activity and for wisdom in balancing the needs of Christians and those who are not yet Christians.

Week beginning 18th August

Sunday 18 
Scripture Union Global initiative Leadership Lab International prepares a new generation of leaders aged 18– 26 to serve in multicultural ministry, on church-planting teams or as leaders of outdoor adventure activities. Join them in praising God for the continued life-changing work he is doing in young leaders around the world. 

Monday 19 
This week Helen Franklin will be helping St Paul’s Llandudno to run a music-based holiday club, a result of last year’s 150th anniversary of Josiah Spiers’ activities on the beach. Pray that this holiday club will cement the relationship and lead to further opportunities for mission. 

Tuesday 20 
Today sees the start of a new week of mission in Saltburn seeking to engage local children and holidaymakers and facilitated by Neil Jackson. Pray that the many local Christians from a number of churches will gel as a team and be effective in sharing Jesus. 

Wednesday 21 
Pray for open doors to go into schools with the Diary of a Disciple project in Blackpool and that the children involved will have fun and get excited about learning about Jesus and reading the Bible. 

Thursday 22 
Pray for wisdom, sensitivity and patience on the part of team members as we welcome an increasing number of children and young people on residential activities and missions from confusing and painful backgrounds. 

Friday 23 
This weekend sees ‘Lark in the Park Torbay’, a community event in which SU will be partnering with others including Alpha and Big Church Day Out and involving Gemma Hunt from CBeebies. They will deliver children’s and youth programmes alongside other local churches and organisations, with a wide range of activities. Pray for a town-wide impact. 

Saturday 24 
A new tennis holiday, Love All (led by Victoria Chubb and Richard Witham) runs this weekend. Pray that the 10- to 12-year-olds who come will enjoy improving their tennis skills and will discover the love of Jesus.

Week beginning 25th August

Sunday 25 
SU Timor Leste praises God for the launch of The Big Picture Story Bible in the national language. Pray that this resource will help many to encounter the big story of God who has kept his promise in Christ. 

Monday 26 
Local mission partner Beverley Schools Christian Trust gives thanks for the volunteers who run lunchtime clubs in primary schools, reaching over 400 children weekly, enabling them to explore the Christian faith for themselves. Pray that God will give them wisdom and strength. 

Tuesday 27 
Volunteers are key to the ministry of Scripture Union. Give thanks for the contribution of those who help out regularly in a whole range of ways, and pray that they will grow as they use their gifts to serve God. 

Wednesday 28
[email protected] – a new three-day mission starts today following on from an Easter one-day outreach. This mission, with a range of activities for children and families, aims to engage with holidaymakers on local caravan parks. Pray for good contacts and a renewed vision in the local church.

Thursday 29 
As we reach the end of the summer season, pray for children and young people who have been part of holidays and missions as they return to school with all its challenges, asking that God will help them to remember what they discovered and to be true to him. 

Friday 30
​​​​​​Praise God for the impact of Guardians of Ancora. A schools worker writes: ‘… one of the girls was clearly very familiar with the biblical stories. I enquired if she went to church to which she replied no. She told me that two years ago she had downloaded Guardians of Ancora and continues to play it now.’ 

Saturday 31 
Pray for Terry Clutterham in his new role as Director of Culture and Innovation. He will be developing the movement’s practical theological position on critical topics such as the key needs of today’s children, the nature of faith development among the digital generation, and digital media in Bible engagement.


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