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Prayers for March - May 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying for Scripture Union's work!

Week beginning February 26

This week's prayers relate to this storyPlease pray for all Faith Guides and the children and young people with whom they are sharing Jesus’ message of hope

Sunday 26 Praise God for raising up Faith Guides like Lox and Ruth and for their inspiring and faithful commitment to sharing Jesus with children and young people who feel so lost in a post-pandemic world.

Monday 27 Praise God our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1) and Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Please pray that children and young people across the country will grasp that truth for themselves.

Tuesday 28 In today’s world, with social media and personal opinion having so much influence, young people struggle to know what truth is. Praise God for the faithful witness of Lox and Ruth in helping young people to know the truth that will set them free (John 8:31).

Wednesday 1 Please ask God to draw new young Christians close to him, including Ali and Ethan, and help them to grow in faith and understanding.

Thursday 2 Please ask God to speak to the hearts of Christians across the UK, that many more will be moved to share the hope that Jesus offers with the next generation who are so in need of hearing that message.

Friday 3 Ask God to help every child and young person to have the opportunity to hear about Jesus in a way that they will be able to understand, even if they have no church background or knowledge of the Bible.

Saturday 4 Please pray for God to guide Scripture Union’s content developers, so that they make it possible for children and young people without church backgrounds to understand and grasp the amazing message of Jesus. 

Week beginning March 5

Sunday 5 Last year SU Ghana decided to develop a National Youth Development Centre and campsite to celebrate 70 years of camping ministry. Thank God for the purchase of a 14-acre plot of land and pray for the resources to develop it.

Monday 6 Wayne Dixon and volunteers from Local Mission Partner Christian Connections in Schools (Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead), will be visiting around 40 schools between 6 and 16 March to present Easter Cracked. Pray for the schools and the ten churches involved.

Tuesday 7 Supporter Care Assistant John Cartwright asks us to pray for the smooth running of all the different systems that we use – phone, computer and delivery systems – so that we can offer the best possible service to our supporters.

Wednesday 8 Please pray for the Mission Events team and for the volunteer holiday booking secretaries as they work together to implement a new holiday booking system for the summer. Pray that the implementation process will go smoothly, and that people will quickly adjust to the new system.

Thursday 9 Give thanks for all the Grow Communities and emerging Grow Communities and the children and young people who attend them and are growing in their relationship with God. Pray for those who lead them and that SU will be able to provide them with the appropriate support.

Friday 10 Please pray for the Easter Activity sessions which Local Mission Partner Impact Bedford has booked with schools over the last two weeks of March. Pray that both the staff and children will be impacted by the Easter story as they encounter it from a fresh perspective.

Saturday 11 Zoraida Ali-Smith, PA to the Director of Mobilisation, is working on updating the SU archive, and needs volunteers to help her; pray that they will be found. Pray too for Zoraida as she finalises plans for the SU retreat in May.

Week beginning March 12

Sunday 12 Please pray that the National Annual General Meeting of SU Uganda which will be held next Saturday will be successful and fruitful, bringing renewed vision and energy.

Monday 13 Pray for the children who this Easter will receive a copy of Jesus Died for Me? (or the Welsh edition Bu Farw Iesu Drosof Fi?). Pray too for those who give out the copies that they will continue to journey with the children as they explore faith.

Tuesday 14 Please pray that recently appointed Mission Enabler Pete Croall will be able to build good relationships with those working in Hertfordshire, Essex and Berkshire, so that through these partnerships more children and young people will connect with Jesus.

Wednesday 15 Local Mission Partner Thrive Youth Ministries is working with churches across Warwickshire and Coventry on their ‘Manifesto for 21st Century Youthwork’. Pray for the team as they encourage and inspire churches with new initiatives to reach out and disciple young people in a way that is relevant to this generation.

Thursday 16 Please join us in thanking God for the new members of staff who have joined the team in the north region. Please pray for them as they continue to settle in and for wisdom as they seek to increase engagement with Revealing Jesus across the region.

Friday 17 Amplify is a 12-month programme that aims to equip young people for evangelism; their second residential of the year takes place this weekend. Please pray that the young people will be inspired and excited as they meet together and share their experiences and that God will be working in their lives to build them up in their ministry.

Saturday 18 Give thanks for those who volunteer their time to serve on SU Council and help the movement think through issues in ministry and the context in which we work. Pray that as they meet today, they will have God’s wisdom and insight.

Week beginning March 19

Sunday 19 Pray for the Scripture Union Global Board who will be meeting in Taiwan next weekend. Pray for fruitful conversations and decisions. The Board will also be spending some time with SU Taiwan. Pray that these meetings will be of mutual encouragement.

Monday 20 Thank God for our Bible Reading Guide editors Emlyn and ‘Tricia Williams (Daily Bread) and Sally Nelson (Encounter with God), as the work they do helps so many to engage with the Bible. Ask for God’s direction and blessing as they work with writers.

Tuesday 21 Pray that God will help south west Support Worker Tracy Jassal to foster good relationships between Faith Guides, Faith Guide churches, Local Mission Partners and supporters, who are key to growing the Revealing Jesus framework.

Wednesday 22 Please pray for Local Mission Partner YoYo as, in collaboration with schools and churches, they share the Easter story with thousands of children and young people in York over the coming weeks. Pray that the creative, interactive activities will really bring the Christian faith alive.

Thursday 23 Pray for the leaders of the Easter and spring holidays as they enter the last couple of weeks of preparation. Pray also for the children and young people who will be going on the holidays that they will not be anxious about going away but excited and ready to hear from the Lord.

Friday 24 Give thanks for our supporters, for their love and passion for SU and its ministry to the 95. Please also pray for God’s guidance on their lives as they continue to serve and give in so many ways.

Saturday 25 Development Hub team member Maggie Barfield has been both enlightened and challenged while working on the Be More Micah Faith Guide resources about social justice, the environment and racial justice. Please pray for Maggie as she develops the material and seeks to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

Week beginning March 26

Sunday 26 Praise the Lord for the new Bible engagement resource called Family Quest produced by SU in English speaking Canada. Pray that this engaging, interactive, experiential activity will connect parents and children with the Bible and each other.

Monday 27 Pray that volunteers and youth workers will reconnect with Local Mission Partner Bridgebuilder, for the Guardians of Ancora clubs to be received well in the schools and for a greater connection in secondary schools across Milton Keynes.

Tuesday 28 As we enter the new financial year, please pray for wisdom and clarity of vision as we seek to navigate turbulent economic times in our society. Pray that our recent experience will help to refine the Revealing Jesus framework to provide better help to local churches and volunteers as they journey alongside the 95.

Wednesday 29 Pray for Sports and Faith Hub Coordinator Ruth Anderson. Pray for wisdom and creativity as she sets about the task of inspiring, training and equipping people to lead sports and fitness ministry with the 95 at the local level, as a way of helping children and young people connect with Jesus.

Thursday 30 The South West team will be involved in youth and children’s work at SPREE near Exeter in June. Pray for them as they prepare and for the Faith Guides planning to take groups from their communities. Pray that children and young people might respond to the love of God.

Friday 31 Please pray for the small team of people who will be providing safeguarding support to the Easter holidays. Pray that they will be equipped with wisdom and care for everyone that they work with over the next few weeks.

Saturday 1 Pray for Local Mission Partner COINS and for the Easter Eggsplored event for the Year 6 children of Newbury. Pray for enthusiastic, faith-filled and capable volunteers. Pray also for the pop-up cafés in schools as the trust seeks to rebuild and strengthen relationships with schools.

Week beginning April 2

Sunday 2 Pray for SU India as they train directors for the Vacation Bible Schools which will take place all around India. Pray too that they will be able to find more people to work in unreached states.

Monday 3 Pray for Local Mission Partner Engage as they share the Christian message in educational settings in the Woking area. This includes Prayer Clubs and detached playground work in primary schools and Prayer Spaces, and mentoring and wellbeing work in secondary schools.

Tuesday 4 Heidi Beckham, Mission Events Coordinator, asks us to pray that more of the 95 will book on our holidays, and that families who may not be able to afford it with the high cost of living will hear about and make use of SU’s Holiday Fund.

Wednesday 5 Our new holiday booking system went live earlier in the year to improve the booking experience for parents and guests. Pray for both the holiday and digital solutions teams as they work with volunteers to fix any remaining bugs and training requirements so that this investment can benefit the movement for years to come.

Thursday 6 The Kestrels sailing holiday starts this weekend. Please pray for Mary and Phil as they lead it, for great sailing conditions, and for the young people to have a fantastic and safe experience, and to grow in their faith.

Friday 7 Pray for Local Mission Partner FACCTS in Fleet as they plan to run a Youth Alpha Course through the summer term. Pray that many children from the CUs that they have been running will come with their friends to meet Jesus and to join a church youth group.

Saturday 8 Some of the Faith Guides with whom Mission Enabler Chris Eales works in the south west have faced unexpected challenges. Pray that their passionate enthusiasm will continue. Pray for the Go Wild holiday to which Faith Guides will come with their groups to explore Christian faith in an outdoor context.

Week beginning April 9

This week's prayers relate to this story. This Easter, please pray for our Mission Enablers and those we partner with, so that the next generation can hear Jesus’ wonderful message of hope! 

Sunday 9 This Easter Sunday, praise God for raising Jesus from the dead, and for the hope that offers to each one of us! Please pray that all connected to SU are able to share the good news effectively with every child and young person in our nation, so that they too may know that hope and God’s purpose for their lives.

Monday 10 Please pray for all the young people whose lives were touched by the Derbyshire mission. Pray particularly for those who responded to the invitation to follow Jesus and for their faith to grow and flourish.

Tuesday 11 Please pray for the youth workers that Janine trained. Ask God to help them share the good news boldly and in language that young people without church backgrounds will truly understand, and journey with them towards faith.

Wednesday 12 Praise God for opening the way for youth workers in Derbyshire to develop relationships with local schools. Ask him to inspire and bless them as they set up lunch and afterschool clubs and Christian Unions, and bring others alongside them to support them in this vital work.

Thursday 13 Give thanks to God for SU Mission Enablers including Janine, Pete and Jack who feature in this edition of Connecting You. Please ask him to bless their ministry and all they do to help the next generation encounter Jesus. 

Friday 14 Praise God that although Janine did not come from a Christian family, she came to faith and now shares that faith with young people in similar situations.

Saturday 15 Give thanks for our partnerships with churches and other mission organisations including The Message Trust. Ask God to bless our work together so the next generation can hear, explore and respond to the good news of Jesus and grow in faith. 

Week beginning April 16

Sunday 16 In some countries where SU works, we cannot share detailed news because of sensitivities. In one, some of the team members are feeling the spiritual darkness. Please pray for God’s protection for them and their families and for open doors to share the good news of Jesus, even though this can be dangerous.

Monday 17 Central region Mission Enabler Matt Farley asks for prayer for Faith Guides working in schools. Pray that they might be able to bridge the gap between schools work and wider church work and know what the practical steps might be in their situations.

Tuesday 18 Be More Micah – Environment is a new Faith Guide collection, for those working with young people aged 14–18. Pray for the Development Hub team as they put the final touches to the resources, and that the materials will work well for the 95.

Wednesday 19 Please pray for Local Mission Partner Christian Initiative to Schools and their ministry to schools in Letchworth Garden City and District. Pray specifically for their School Worker, Christopher Baker, as he takes assemblies, lessons and lunchtime clubs and offers pastoral care to both staff and pupils.

Thursday 20 The GW Tracks mountain biking holiday finished last weekend. Please pray for the young people as they go back to school, that they will hold onto the truths that they have learned and be encouraged to keep following Jesus.

Friday 21 Pray for a growing sense of community amongst Faith Guides. Pray that as they share their stories, they will be able to affirm and encourage one another.

Saturday 22 Creative Developer Esther Calvert- Jordan thanks God for his wisdom in guiding the development of the Showtime collection of resources. Pray for her as she explores more ways in which young people can be equipped to reach their peers with the good news of Jesus.

Week beginning April 23

Sunday 23 Join Scripture Union Ecuador in praying for new doors to open as they face some challenging times in ministry. Pray that the Floor Ball programme will reach more young people in the community.

Monday 24 Please pray for the South East regional team as they work with Faith Guides on pioneering new mission across the region. Pray that those missions would lead to more children and young people having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Tuesday 25 Please pray for Local Mission Partner SUMT on the Isle of Man as they look ahead to the busy summer term. With so much to fit in, including additional It’s Your Move and Lifepath pre-visit lessons, please pray that the team remain healthy and that God would bless their many activities.

Wednesday 26 Give thanks for children like Riley, Aimee and Divine who love going to Guardians of Ancora after-school clubs where, to quote Riley, ‘You get to play a game and find out about Jesus.’ Pray for the work of Local Mission Partners, Faith Guides and numerous volunteer children’s workers and leaders who are running clubs in schools, churches and community venues.

Thursday 27 Please pray for wisdom for Mission Enabler Geoff Brown as he seeks to equip Christian young people to reach their friends with the good news of Jesus through initiatives like Shine in Schools.

Friday 28 The first of our two holidays for families with children who are adopted or fostered takes place this weekend. Pray that it will be a time of real encouragement for the families who attend. Pray also for the leaders, that they will have the wisdom and sensitivity that they need to support those who come.

Saturday 29 Local Mission Partner BSYW in Blackpool are thankful the school doors and the hearts of thousands of children have remained open to the message of hope and love that they bring. Please pray for this work to continue and grow.

Week beginning April 30

Sunday 30 Pray for the SU ministry in Papua New Guinea as the movement tries to identify volunteers and schoolteachers who will carry on the work in schools across the whole country.

Monday 1 Showtime is a series of resources enabling Faith Guides to use performing arts as a means of helping children to learn about Jesus. Please pray for wisdom and creativity as new material is developed to supplement the programme.

Tuesday 2 Pray for Trust Fundraiser Nozipho Dube as she continues to nurture connections with trusts and family trusts in the current fundraising climate. May she have the boldness to approach new grant opportunities and wisdom as she collaborates with different SU teams to create proposals.

Wednesday 3 Local Mission Partner The Oswestry Schools Christian Worker Project has moved online between January and July while their schools worker Jane Webber is on maternity leave. Please pray for her and her baby and that God’s Word will continue to reach their school communities through resources on YouTube.

Thursday 4 Pray for the SU Board consisting of Trustees and Leadership Team as they meet today, asking for discernment and wisdom as they consider the movement plan for 2023–24 looking at the best ways to progress the Revealing Jesus strategy.

Friday 5 Please pray for the workers of Local Mission Partner CICS: Chris, Joan, Nancy, Sarah and Sophie; for students they mentor who are sitting important exams; for the Trust as they seek, through consultation with schools, and in partnership with other local Christian organisations, to discern God’s way forward in Calderdale schools.

Saturday 6 Pray for Sports Mission Pioneer Holly Phipps and her volunteer team in Sheffield as they set up an afterschool sports club for girls in Fir Vale. Pray that they would have opportunities to encourage these girls to worship God through their sport as they share the good news with them.

Week beginning May 7

Sunday 7 Please pray for 14 young leaders to register for the Leadership Lab International TRANSFORM programme run by SU Global which will take place this summer.

Monday 8 Pray that God will give vision to Faith Guides to start new Grow Communities around the country and that the 95 will come with open hearts to these Grow Communities to connect and hear the good news.

Tuesday 9 Eddie Howlett, Faith Guide Community Coordinator and Revealing Jesus Pioneer, asks us to pray for the planning and the team involved in new partnerships with the DTI and Limitless summer festivals. Pray for volunteer recruitment and for the final stages of planning for the SU holidays taking place at these festivals.

Wednesday 10 The SU Wales team are working on a pilot project to develop an all-age model of Revealing Jesus in a rural setting. This will include a number of outdoor contexts with individual churches and groups of churches working together. Pray that they will be able to develop clear principles and learn how to work out Revealing Jesus in rural and remote settings.

Thursday 11 Many Year 6 pupils are getting ready to move to secondary school in the autumn, and It’s Your Move has been produced to help them make the transition. Pray for churches and other groups who go into schools to hand out copies and talk about the difference Jesus can make.

Friday 12 Please pray for the work of Local Mission Partner C4E as they work in schools and colleges in the Prestatyn to Rhos-on-Sea area. Pray especially for their high school lunch time club, Chat, which is led by the project worker Sarah.

Saturday 13 Please pray for the Rooted retreat day coming up in a school in Warrington where we will be working with students exploring themes such as resilience, anxiety, friendships and how they come hand in hand with faith. Pray too for the launch of new Rooted retreats in other parts of the country.

Week beginning May 14

Sunday 14 Pray for SU Portugal as they prepare for 12 Kids Games and summer camps which will be attended by about 400 children and led by over 80 volunteers who serve alongside the staff in both their camp centres. Pray that the children will grow in faith.

Monday 15 Appeals and Legacies Manager Kathy Brooks asks us to pray that all those reading Connecting You today will encounter God in a new and deeper way as they pray for the work of SU.

Tuesday 16 We have recently focused on improving the security of our IT network and equipment across the movement. Pray for the accreditation work as we seek Cyber Essentials status, and for the team as they take on the ongoing maintenance and checks that seek to protect our network, equipment and data against a rising tide of cyber threats.

Wednesday 17 Pray for the team in the central region as they look to increase the number of churches and Faith Guides they are supporting and equipping to reach the 95. Pray particularly for their work to develop and plan Faith Guide holidays for this year.

Thursday 18 Pray for the work of Local Mission Partner Gobaith Môn in the secondary schools in Anglesey and openness from the students to hear and receive the good news.

Friday 19 Pray for Kate Doogan as she continues to settle into her role as a Revealing Jesus Pioneer, asking that she will be able to connect with churches in the Merseyside area and help them reach the 95. Pray especially for her preparation for her first Rooted retreat at the end of June.

Saturday 20 Pray for Faith Guide Maria in the central region as she continues her detached work, Reignite, in several estates in Milton Keynes; pray for support from volunteers as they approach the summer and numbers increase.

Week beginning May 21

Sunday 21 Pray for Bruce Lockhart, SU Scotland’s Missions Development Manager, as he seeks to grow SU missions in partnership with churches, and that a newly written holiday club resource will help many churches engage with their local community.

Monday 22 Pray for the fundraising team, that God will use them to grow support for the movement. Pray that God will continue to bless us financially so that more children and young people may hear the good news.

Tuesday 23 With six languages and active partner organisations in more than 30 countries, please pray for the mission of the Guardians of Ancora app. Around half the new players come to the game because friends have invited them – praise God that they are so excited about an app that lets them explore the life of Jesus.

Wednesday 24 May is the time of year when volunteers sign up to serve on the summer holiday and mission teams. Give thanks that so many people give of their time to share the good news with children and young people on our events and pray that all of our holidays and missions will have full teams this summer.

Thursday 25 Pray for Local Mission Partner Living Stones Educational Trust as they share the love of God by supporting children, families and schools in Newton Heath in Manchester, working holistically to help raise educational attainment and resilience.

Friday 26 Stephen Vis asks for prayer for wisdom and guidance for the wide variety of issues that he needs to handle in his role as Director of Finance and Services, and that he may trust in God’s provision for resources, staff and volunteers so that more may hear about God’s love.

Saturday 27 Pray for churches and groups preparing to run The Restoration Station holiday club this summer. Ask God’s blessing on the practical details and that he will be preparing the hearts of the children to be introduced to Jesus the Restorer.


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